At Mecanizados Vitoria S.A. we provide our solutions and take on the design and manufacture or industrialisation of any kind of equipment that our clients may need.

Our team of engineers and project designers deals with the development of the design and programming of each project, actOur range of activities includes the analysis and implementation of the design, optimising improvements in the manufacture and assembly stage, continuous monitoring in the manufacturing phase up until final construction, the definitive installation and final adjustments if necessary, of all types of tools:

  • Welding tools for sheet metal assembly and crimping machines
  • Plastic injection casts
  • Dies
  • Curing tools
  • Hot-forming tools
  • Milling tools
  • Drilling tools
  • Assembly tools
  • General machining of small parts and particularly large parts
  • Mechanically welded sets
  • Transport tools, drilling templates, hoisting slings, auxiliary platforms, measurement tools and control gauges.

Thanks to the integration of the design and manufacture areas, we aim to provide a satisfactory, competitive and efficient solution to the client's needs, ensuring the end product is as required with regard to deadline, quality and cost.